reVAMP - Antiques, Design, Salvage & Industrial

VAMP (v.): to bewitch, captivate, fascinate, seduce and tempt.

As the name implies, we aim to capture your attention and keep you coming back to the most diverse accumulation of unique specimens in San Antonio!  Whether you seek high end design, thoughtful industrial pieces, hard-to-find smalls, fine art, or all of the above, the partners at reVAMP will be your personal style concierge!  

reVAMP strives to captivate you and we believe in order to keep you coming back we have to bring you fresh and unique merchandise at reasonable prices.  It is for this reason, we scour the World to bring the most spectacular items to your doorstep.  On a daily basis this store will transform itself and we guarantee that every time you visit, you will see something new! 

reVAMP will be updating our blog continuously so you can follow us all over the world and see what new and exciting items will be coming into the store. The blog will also keep you abreast of all our current shows and events!  Throughout the year,
reVAMP will host 
tent sales, carry out
storewide sales and
attend some of the
best antique shows
in the country!  So 
make sure you join our  mailing list and blog so you can ride along with us and join in the great adventure!

For over 15 years, the owners of Reliquarium Estate Sales have been conducting estate sales and on-line auctions!  reVAMP is joining forces with Reliquarium Estate Sales & Auctions to bring you more of the best deals in town!  Through our website you can get in on all the action and attend the best estate sales and on-line auctions in South Texas!  

If you have something that you think we might like, please get in touch with us!  We look for Furniture, Industrial, Jewelry, Silver/Gold, Asian Porcelain/Jade/Bronze, Fine Art, Religious, Garden Items and much more!  reVAMP buys and takes items on consignment so please call ahead or contact us via this website and we will be happy to discuss the process.

Come in and see us and don't forget to share us with your friends!

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